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We believe in partnering carefully, only where we believe we can deliver lasting value.

We have served over 60 clients since our founding in 2011. A selection of our experience is given below.

Aerospace Co.: Many markets are experiencing growing customer expectations of variety and customization. We developed an executive strategy on commonality to deliver increased variety on the same cost base, including financial targets and organizational structure.

Automotive Co.: Platform sharing has become a necessity for competitive cost positions in some markets. We conducted a platform strategy diagnostic for the CTO, recommending governance plan and business case re-evaluation.

Oil Services Co.: Acquisitions for market share can drive product proliferation if the resultant integration does not rationalize the portfolio. We developed a configuration analysis to identify portfolio overlaps and opportunities for rationalization where variety was not valued by the market.

PC Co.: Configuration complexity blurs product profitability and slows technology deployment. We supervised a project to identify product portfolio costs and identify consolidation opportunities based on financial metrics.

NASA: Technology decisions in long life-cycle industries face substantial uncertainties in market forecasting and capacity planning. We supervised a project to develop the architecture of satellite communications relays and sort key architectural decisions.

Mobile Phone Co.: Ecosystems in many mobile markets rely on one side of the market to subsidize development in partner firms to kick start network effects. We supervised a project analyzing app monetization strategies and ecosystem productivity for mobile, resulting in a portfolio approach to app monetization.